Europe and it’s Religious Culture

Europe and it’s Religious Culture

Potential discussion topics are shown below. (Responses should be in the form of substantive posts and include a unique Subject Line – Do NOT use ‘Reply’ or ‘Question

1’; instead, you should be inventive and imaginative, e.g., ‘Jewish-Christian Relations in the Middle Ages’)

Trace the diverse religions of Europe to their historical origins. Where, geographically, do these religions still come into physical contact with each other? Are

there consequences that you can name when and where this happens? [Note: Treat the various sects of Christianity as a single faith.]
How did the Protestant Reformation contribute to European modernity?
Neo-Paganism is on the rise in Europe. Where and why is the faith growing?
How is Islam viewed by the average European? What issues unrelated to faith muddle the perceptions?
What events of the 20th century impacted faith in Europe?
Europe is often described as “Post-Christian.” What does this mean and how does this orientation impact politics, culture, and society?
Discuss the former Pope’s recent condemnations of “aggressive forms of secularism” in Britain. Why does he mean?
Discuss the split between Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism in the context of contemporary British identity given the recent meeting of two faiths’ supreme

What parts of the European patrimony owe their origins directly to religion?
What are some of the “holiest” places in Europe? What is their significance and to whom are the significant?
The so-called “Protestant work ethic” is sometimes referred to as a major reason for European economic development. Critically assess this assertion.
Discuss the complicated relationship between European Jews and their gentile counterparts since antiquity.

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