Evaluate government action in the light of economic theory

Topic Proposal
Evaluate government action in the light of economic theory and Christian ethics. In your Topic Proposal, describe the subject to be covered in the Research Paper in 300-500 words. Construct the content of your proposal in such a way that it is adequately focused and clarifies how the economic theory covered in this course will be applied to the topic. You do not have to include references but if you quote from a source, you must cite the reference in current Turabian style.

References List

a list of 5-7 scholarly references you will use for your Research Paper. You must cite all references in current Turabian format. While you may use older, classic references, you must also use at least 2 references of more recent scholarship (e.g., last 25 years). Note that your references may change between the submission of this assignment and the submission of your Research Paper – Final.


Create a 1-page outline that demonstrates good organization, detailed subtopics, and content consistent with the Topic Proposal. You will also submit a revised Topic Proposal and References List reflecting any feedback provided by the instructor. The entire submission must total 600-800 words and be constructed according to current Turabian format. The References List does not count toward the total word count.


You will prepare a 2,500-3,000-word Research Paper – Final that expounds on the content previously submitted in the Research Paper – Topic Proposal. (Be sure to take into account any previous feedback from the instructor.) You must exhibit sound economic analysis as well as strong English and organizational skills in your work. Use a minimum of 5-7 scholarly sources, cited in current Turabian format. You must also include an abstract. Be aware that while the abstract counts toward the word total, the References List does not.

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