evaluate the impact of the global financial crisis since 2007 on the event industry particularly music festival

to evaluate the impact of the global financial crisis since 2007 on the event industry particularly music festival

topic: to evaluate the impact of the global financial crisis since 2007 on the event industry particularly music festival

5000 words

harvard referencing
• any recommendations you may wish to make about the process or the outcomes.

You need to understand that the report may be read by people with different time constraints and with different needs. For example: the System Manager, or a senior manager (as very busy persons) will want a brief overview (e.g. the Executive Summary), while the managers responsible for the design and performance of the system will want to know the problems you faced and your recommendations for improving the system. The report may also be read by technical staff who would like to see (for example) how you would change the layout of screen pages.

In writing the report, you should assume that the reader has a general understanding of the system and its purpose, but may not necessarily be trained in the technology.

As part of the report you are to provide (as an Appendix) a printed copy of a PowerPoint presentation that you have prepared in case you are asked to attend a meeting to discuss your report.

You are also to include (as an Appendix) the completed evaluation strategies/ methodologies (ie. Surveys, reviews) that you used during your evaluation of the online system in the above mentioned practical sessions, as these should be referred to in the body of your report.

NOTE: You should not question or interview any Pearson staff in relation to this project.

The report should include (in this order):
• An Executive Summary – no more than ONE page
A high level summary of what the report covers, and what the major findings and recommendations are. This summary is aimed at senior management; it is not an introduction.
• A Table of Contents
• An Introduction:
– describe why Information Systems are important to the organisation and why ensuring that the system meet the needs of users is an important criterion. Also, how Information Systems are used to gain a competitive advantage. [Note: you are expected to read, and refer to, material (books etc.,) beyond what is contained in your textbook.]
– summarise what you are going to cover in your report.
– describe the evaluation process – how you performed the evaluation, including any constraints on the process, how you measured and quantified the results/finding,
• The findings – what you observed, found, or expected to find but did not
• Your analysis of findings, including examples taken from YOUR evaluation forms; that is, describe and comment on features of the information system that became apparent as a result of your evaluation
• An evaluation of a similar system, using your evaluation form
• Your recommendations based on your analysis of the original evaluation on the process and the system.
• A conclusion that summarises your report
• A reference list of articles, books, trade journals, etc., that you have referred to in your report to give credibility to your research.
• Appendices; these must include your completed evaluation form(s), and a copy of your PowerPoint presentation (3 slides per page).
The Report is to be written in Microsoft Word and using Microsoft Excel or Power Point to display any spreadsheets, charts or diagrams.
A presentation prepared using MS Packages highlighting the core findings of the report is required. This is not included in the word count.
This project is related both to the theory and practical aspects of this unit. You should undertake research on Information Systems, conduct analysis, and report your findings.
Quotes from books, articles, the Internet, or any other source may not (in total) comprise more than 10% of the business report and must be correctly referenced in the Harvard or APA style. Where more than 10% of the report consists of quotations taken from any source, ALL of the quotations so used will be deducted from the word count and a penalty applied.
WARNING: When these reports are marked, academic staff may use software that is designed to identify material copied from other students or from published sources (including the Internet). If you correctly reference this material (subject to the 10% limit as described above), there is no problem. However, if the material that is copied is not appropriately acknowledged, the University rules governing Plagiarism, Cheating and Collusion (as detailed in the unit outline) may be applied.

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