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Subject Computer
Deadline (Pacific Time) 05/07/2017 12:00 am
Budget $30-$100
ou work for a company that does educational consulting. Your boss knows that you are a genius when it comes to Excel and decides to impose upon you a little – he assigns you a project to create an Excel spreadsheet that will be a teacher’s companion. It has to have an input area for the grades, rank them, split them into different quartiles, create relevant charts, give all the summary statistics that are relevant, color code grades that need to be looked into, have a conditional format highlighting when a student does better or worse than previous exams, show relevant lookup values for grades according to number and letter, have relevant pivot tables, etc.  The goal is that it is a stand-alone tool for teachers to use to assess everything possible about a student.


You must use every tool at your disposal. You must use clear, concise and appropriate formulas. You must present your information in a detailed and relevant manner. You will be graded on the “levelâ€Â of formulas you used, on your ability to manipulate data, on your ability to present data for the intended audience, on how inventive you employ the tools at your disposal, on how thorough you are in your presentation, etc. Â

Project Grading Rubric

You will be graded on the inclusion of the below ideas (but you should certainly include more). Â You will also be graded on the clarity, neatness, compactness, and overall presentation of the project. Â You will earn a better grade by doing something that utilizes multiple functions, shows your mastery of the tools at hand, and presents the picture in a unifying and non-cluttered way.Remember, you have more than a month to do it, so I will be expecting something professional.




1include relative absolute and mixed cell reference

2use all the summary statistics (sum, average, min, max, count, etc.)

3use at least three different instances of date and time functions

4use at least three different formats such as number, date, custom etc.

5use at least three different instances of nested if functions

6use vlookup and index/match functions

7create and use range names and use them in formulas

8have a chart with axis names, chart title, etc. describing the data

9use data bars

10use at least three instancs of conditional formatting, one of which needs to be custom formatted

11design a table

12sort the table at two levels or more

13use the subtotal function

14have grouped data

15have at least three relevant pivot tables with at least two calculated fields

16have a slicer available for the pivot table

17create a one variable data table

18create a two variable data table

19use scenario manager or solver (with saved and summarized scenarios)

20use advanced filters

21use the database functions

22use the sumif(s), countif(s), averageif(s) functions

23use rank, percentrank, quartile, frequency, stdev, and correl functions

24create a histrogram

25at least three different formulas using arrays

26at least two cases of data validation

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