Executive summary on “Staffing”

Executive summary on “Staffing”Order Description
Write a 1 to 1 and ½-page Executive Summary of the article chosen from this web page(http://managementhelp.org/staffing/index.htm), organized into 3–4 paragraphs. You may write to a business audience either for the company you currently work for, or imagine that you are working as a consultant for a business or non-profit or charity organization and write to an appropriate audience within that organization. Summarize the main points of this article and explain how the information contained within the article is relevant to a specific issue or problem the company is currently facing. Make a recommendation for what your audience should do with this information. You may use information from sources other than the original article that you use as the basis for your Executive Summary, but if you use sources in your Executive Summary, you must give the sources credit using 6th edition APA format.

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