Explain communication patterns-important cultural

Assignment on Brazillian people, heritage, health diversity& culture, Rubrik details assignment , numbers 6 & 8 are not apart to the assignment? Seeking relevant, competent college-level content, with complete answers? Please us e the questions that are required task as subheading above the response? The book is “Transcultural Health Care, by Larry D. Purnell or any likeness referencing competent health care. The assignment id both powerpoint and comprehension content, with the power point visual matching the comprehensive content?
1. List your name on the first slide also, after cover page.

2. Describe background of this cultural group (BRAZILLIANS) (i.e. original homeland, native language, and/or the history of the group in North America,, why immigrating to South Western, United States area, what careers and occupations here, where living – cultural areas). Use statistics, when possible, to show size of population (include references), N.C., S.C., Tenn, Georgia & Alabama

3. Explain communication patterns, important cultural and religious rituals, customs, and beliefs, and how to avoid cultural barriers (i.e. what would constitute good manners and respect and what would cause offense in this ethnic group). Please elaborate citing facts & statistics on Brazillians heritage & culture.

4. Implemented health/wellness information- describe how this population group (Brazillians) generally maintains health and prevents/treats illness, what illnesses or health problems this population group is at risk for, and what health care providers/facilities need to know.Please elaborate, with facts & statics on this health group?

5. Select one alternative/generic health practice for this group, Brazillians? Describe the purpose of this health care practice and how it is applied in this cultural group. Provide essential historical and social context and describe the meaning of this practice for the selected group. Please elaborate!

6. Project demonstrated creativity and stimulated interest. (DISREGARD THIS AREA, # SIX)

7. Adhered to guidelines for length (15 -20 slides) and provided a reference containing a minimum of threesources, not including the textbook in APA (American Psychology Association) format.

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