Explain how you as a leader could build upon or improve pur

Organizational members that take the time to celebrate short-term organizational wins that generate long-term success of both the organization and its stakeholders encourage the heart. An example of this is Rodney Carroll, President and CEO of the Welfare to Work Partnership. Carroll is the epitome of a leader who exudes hope and optimism. An African-American born on the wrong side of the tracks to an alcoholic and abusive mother, Rodney became a part-time truck loader for UPS. Having an eye for improved efficiency, Carroll encouraged others to attain excellence through encouragement, applause, and compassion. After years of struggles and undesirable assignments at several different UPS hubs, he was promoted to Division Manager. It was in this position that he conceived the vision of assisting welfare recipients. His vision led to the hiring, transporting, and training of hundreds of loyal employees who can hold their heads up high, all because they were given a chance and the tools necessary to succeed (Carroll & Karton, 2002).

  • Explain how you as a leader, could build upon or improve purposeful celebrations within the organization. Make sure that you include your thought process of why you chose the short phrases used in your Glog presentation.
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