Explain need of sports and women in the workplace

Explain Need of Sports and women in the workplace

Problem: A report on ABC’s Good Morning America show on August 13, 2014 reported on “Getting ahead in the workplace” and addressed the question of “Should Women be Sports-Savvy”.

It focused on the point that women needed sports-savvy as one way of effectively competing with male peers to shatter the glass-celing of discrimination. The main point was women should have similar interests at work when interacting with males such as knowing and loving sports in order to be accepted equally.

Part1: An article in Forbes Mazazine August 9, 2014 by Kathy Caprino takes a totally opposite position and disagrees. Please comment and tell me which one you feel is most relevant and correct and why.

You can find the Forbes article through by using the keyword search of the topic “should women be sports-savvy”. It is not mandatory that you read the opposing article by Caprino but I thought it was interesting and relevant.

The retort of this question should be unique answer.

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