Explain the critical elements in making decisions

Scenario: Let’s say time has come in your career to make a change. What options do you see out there to choose from? Map out your career path. Using the decision-making and change theory strategies, describe the options you see, identify the pros and cons for each option, and make a decision. Finally discuss how you will evaluate your choice.

Directions: Examine both the individual aspects of decision-making and the critical elements in making decisions. Make a plan — including a goal, a list of information and data that you need to gather, and areas where you may be vulnerable. Examine the consequences of each alternative available to you. Conclude with your decision and evaluation plan.

Additional information-

The problem related to Management and it’s an essay on the individual aspects of decision making with critical elements. The problem here deals with individual decision making and specifically an issue of career change has been given details and targeted about choosing a career path have been given.

Word limit- 1500.

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