Explain the way(s) an organization with which you are familiar measures quality and customer satisfaction. What can be done to improve CRM?

Part 1Customer Satisfaction and Customer Relationships and Market Research Tools
Explain the way(s) an organization with which you are familiar measures quality and customer satisfaction. What can be done to improve CRM?
Lastly, explain how you can personally have a positive impact on customer loyalty in your position.
Part 2 : Leadership discussion
This weeks reading discussed a number of current leadership theories. In order to deepen our understanding of how these theories can be applied to our practice in health care, choose one theory and describe one practical way to apply that particular theory to leadership in your clinical or administrative practice and how utilizing that theory differs from your current leadership principals/practice (or those of a leader who you work under).
Here are a couple additional readings on leadership theory. The first is a publication on leadership in health care out of the United Kingdom with a section that discusses leadership theory in health care. The second is an article on transformational leadership, one of the most commonly applied theories in health care leadership publications.
Leadership and Leadership Development in Health Care
Smith PO. Leadership in Academic Medical Centers: Transactional and Transformational Leadership
Part 3 Marketing Communication Discussion
Marketing Communication
“Slightly Exaggerated” Please respond to the following:
Go to the Federal Trade Commission Website located at http://www.ftc.gov/. Search for Deceptive Advertising. At Results, scroll down to Filter by Content Type and choose Case. Then Filter by Date and select this year or last year. Select a recent case involving deceptive advertising. 1) Read the Press Release; 2) Watch the video exhibit (if available); 3) Read the Complaint; 4) Read the Decision and Order.
From the FTC case you have selected, analyze the key elements of the case, including the deceptive practice in which the company was engaged, the final decision, and the penalty assessed against the company.
Generate at least two (2) recommendations for how the company involved in the case could have avoided deceptive advertising, including safeguards that should have been in place to prevent the deceptive advertising in question.
***This is a discussion, NOT a paper. Need 2 strong paragraphs and references.***

Part 4 Ability or Motivation
Determine whether ability or motivation is more important in selecting the right person for the right job. Explain your rationale

ECOM 322 – Social Media Marketing January 2017
Week 2 – Project Work
To assess your understanding of social media in the business/ organizations.
Action Items
Choose any business organization and describe the business or organization you are analyzing.
(Attempt any 4 questions from below related to your organization.)
1. Analyze social media activities of the business and suggest improvements.
2. What are the strategies for each Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Social
3. Explain the process of Social Media Marketing strategy for the organization.
4. What are the events to promote customers by using Social Media Marketing?
5. What are the benefits by doing Social Marketing for your company?
6. You can compare the Social Media Practices with the four areas of a SWOT analysis, and
discuss what you can learn from this strategy.
7. Students can also make a marketing plan to launch a new product or services for any
particular business in the market.
Submission Instructions
? Complete your project work as per your professor’s instructions.
Grading Criteria
? Innovative Project work : 0 – 10 points

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