Failed or failing corporate organisation

Can I focus on a company’s product or project that failed, instead of the entire company?

No, in order to be fair, all students must focus on a failed or failing corporate organisation. If a project or product failure led to the decline of the organization as a whole, then this would be an appropriate choice.

  • Can I put Figures and Tables in the Appendix, or do they need to have all info in the main body of the text/essay?

Yes, this will be fine as long as there is a reference to these in the main text so there is a reason for them to be included.

  • Are there websites that we can access to obtain historical share prices for bankrupt companies?

Yes, here are some I pulled from a quick Google search. There may be others.

  • Can I write about a foreign company and provide evidence that is not in English?

Yes, this will be fine, as long as the evidence that is not in English is translated to English in the body of the article, and the reference is translated into English. Be aware that in these cases the marker may have more difficulty verifying your company history if they have questions about the information provided and this could affect the mark, so be sure to provide as much evidence from sources in English as possible.

  • Can I use a company that was once listed but is no longer publicly listed as a result of its failure?


  • Can I use a company or organisation that is not publicly listed (e.g. a football or sports club)?

Yes, if it is a large organisation (more than 250+ employees) and you can obtain (and provide references for) all the financial performance data and other evidence you need to justify it as a failed or failing organisation.

  • Can I use a company that failed more than 10 years ago?

The purpose for this criterion is to encourage you to deal with companies that have struggled in the modern digital economy. If the company’s initial decline was a few years prior to the 10 year mark, but their failure can be attributed primarily to the shift to a digital economy (e.g. Napster, Kodak) then the answer is yes. However, the initial decline should DEFINITELY be no longer than 15 years ago.


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