Fallacies essay

When you get down to it, philosophers are just logic choppers who sit around trying to put reality into little boxes made of words. So, the philosophical arguments against time travel prove nothing. Hence, time travel is possible. Anyway, I know it?s possible because it can happen. And besides, just about everyone, but philosophers thinks that time travel is possible, so once again, time travel probably is possible.

Write a 2-3 page paper in which you identify all of the fallacies that appear in the passage (See Chapter 4: Informal Fallacies). Be specific in identifying each fallacy that you find in the passage. In other words, don’t just identify that a specific statement is a fallacy. Identify which fallacy is being committed, the definition of the fallacy, and how the specific statement commits that fallacy. Your explanations should be comprehensive. (HINT: There is more than one fallacy.)

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