Family patterns

Family patterns
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Research paper : “Family patterns” based on journal article “Fathering Attitudes and Practices..” (will be attached)
Length 4-5 pages

This is teacher’s requirements:
Introduction: This consist of one or two paragraphs which clearly state topic you are covering. It should also include the question you re investigating and “various points of view or differing explanations proposed in the scientific journal article on which you are basing your paper'(Straub,1998, p.G-13).(Note this example of referencing.) Referencing must be made throughout the paper.
Research section: This is the central portion of your paper.This is where the scientific evidence is presented and discussed. Reference must appear in the body of your paper. Include the finding(s)in the research.Also, include any strengths or weaknesses/limitations in the method in which the study was conducted either stated in the journal article or a your see it and discuss.
Opinion section: Then choose one of the findings and explain why you think it is particularly important. In doing so, provide evidence/support for your opinion.
Future research : What future research do you think should be conducted on the topic that would be helpful to society.
Summation: In this section you should bring your paper to close by summarizing in a paragraph or two , the findings as well as the implications of the study.

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