Federalist #10

this is the assignment.
Federalist #10 is one of 85 essays advocating for the ratification of the United States Constitution. Federalist #10was written by James Madison and published on November 22, 1787 under the pseudonym Publius (the Public Man in Latin).

Instructions: Read Federalist #10 and summarize the main points addressed by Madison. In order to earn maximum points your summary should address the following: How does Madison define a faction? What two things may be done to eliminate the causes of faction, and why does Madison reject them? What aspects of a republic make it prone to faction, but less susceptible than a democracy? What advantages does a large republic have over a small one for preventing and controlling the effects of majority faction?

Remember that a summary is NOT an essay; therefore, it should not contain any personal opinions or ideas. Rather, a proper summary deconstructs the material to identify the meaning, then restates its main points in your own words (no quotations).


Minimum: 300 words

Maximum: 400 words

Format: 12 point, Times New Roman, Double-spaced. 1” margins all around

This is the federalist 10


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