Length and format: 5 pages (1,00-1,250 words); 1” margins; double spaced; 12-point font (Times New Roman). Use in-text citations for quotes and paraphrases, like this: “….” (Sheppard, 18).



Develop an essay, guided by a thesis, comparing and contrasting Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s discussion of Asian-American feminist contextual theology and Phillis Sheppard’s discussion of womanist practical theology. Through specific examples from the readings, demonstrate the ways that these liberation theologies draw upon cultural traditions and histories as well as contemporary personal and social relationships as they strive to be “living theologies.”


**Questions to consider as you prepare to write: What are the main spiritual goals of each theology? What motivates the development of these theologies? How do these theologies differ? How do they use traditional Christian theology? How do they use women’s experiences and other resources? How is “truth” known or revealed and what is its source? What understanding of God is presented? How is evil understood?

** You don’t have to answer every question in your essay, but use these to organize your analysis of the chapters and as a guide to what I suggest you include in your paper.

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