Field: Literature

From now on, there will be questions due on Monday when you come to lecture.  After (or while) you listen to the lecture, write answers (just a sentence or so) to each of the following questions.

1.  Athena appearing to Telemachus in the guise of the human Mentes is an example of what way of acquiring information or knowledge in the poem?

2.  Prophets are great sources of accurate information in the poem.  Why isn’t their information more often followed?

3.  Signs are tricky in the poem.  As a suitor says, not every bird comes from the gods.  How does Odysseus overcome this problem when he asks for a sign in book 20?

4.  Besides rumor, direct conversation, prophecy, signs or poetry, what’s another way to get directions from the gods in the world of the Odyssey?

5.  How is poetry itself a means of getting accurate information in the poem?

The assignment is just need listen the 36 mins video and answer above five questions according to the lecture video. Every answer with two paragraph I think that is should be fine.

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