Field: Nursing

You have identified an organization and a change project related to readmissions of patients with intractable pain, so now what do you do?   (ED Admissions “Intractable Pain” and Social Admissions – Inpatient vs Observation)
This assignment helps you to further identify and explore the need for change using theoretical, evidential, accreditation, and/or regulatory standards.
Review your the organization of UCLA and the associated change project.
Research related quality improvement initiatives; applicable accreditation standards; and overarching federal, state, and local regulations.
Analyze how these initiatives, standards, and regulations relate to your project.
Create a 2000 word paper in APA format that details your research, including

  • -a brief overview of the change project –  ED Admissions “Intractable Pain” and Social Admissions – Inpatient vs Observation
  • -the quality improvement initiatives, accreditation standards, and government regulations that relate to aforementioned topic, and an analysis of how each affects your topic.

Include APA-formatted references.

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