Financial Forcasting and Portfoliomanagement

Topic: Financial Forcasting and Portfoliomanagement

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Second Order: Portfoliomanagement (with matlab):

You will find all relevant infos in the prepared folders. I would like to get a progressive delivery option, with a short feedback about the project ASAP and then a first draw on Saturday. (after that all 3 days) Further infos: For Matlab: Use the way given cin the practical and not the financial add-in – Please provide stage by stage screenshots for both projects, in order to add to the appendix -Make in-comments in Matlab (what you did) -Use a good but still simple (British) English (I am not native) -Target mark 80% and more. Please read all instructions before beginning and follow the steps we did in the tutorial (see PDFs). You will find the needed data, a prepared layout, some sources, the tutorials (which have to be followed) and the assignment attached.

In the subchapter asset-allocation and pool, you don’t have to describe what it is, but how the asset are allocated and how I chose them. You will find an inidcative answer in one of the documents I wrote. Further it should be mentioned, that the datas are choosen from the FTSE100, as written in the assingment. Please don’t forget, to give the empirical sources to the strategies and to the introduction. Finally, you will find an excel sheet with the prices (however you have to use the returns and therefore transform it) so that you can do the calculations and compare the different strategies with each other. For this please use the steps presented in the tutorials and put all the calculations in the appendix. Finally, present the result in tables and diagrams and explain them with empirical papers.

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