Financial Statement Analysis Semester 2, 2016 Individual Research Assignment on Corporate Communication

(20% of final mark) This individual research assignment explores current corporate communication practices using social media by Australian listed companies. For the purposes of this assignment social media includes ?computer- mediated tools that allow people, companies and other organizations to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.? (Wikipedia. 2016. [accessed 3 August 2016]). Required You are a recent graduate working for a Big 4 accounting firm as a Business analyst and your manager has asked you to prepare an internal report for use in your department. Your report will be relied upon by all staff members in your department to keep them technically up to date on current corporate communication practices. Your report should address the following questions: 1. Using an Australian listed company of your choice, select a recent financial reporting information post on social media. Discuss the impact of your selected post on the company?s financial statements. This section of your assignment must include a screen shot or pdf of the social media financial reporting information that you have selected for your assignment, including the time, date and company name. 2. Critically review your selected Australian listed company?s manager?s motives for providing your chosen financial reporting information via social media. Your answer should include an assessment of whether Financial intermediaries including Analysts are likely to use this information or not. 3. Critically discuss the arguments for and against communication of financial reporting information via social media. You should use appropriate headings to organise your assignment, provide references to applicable corporate legislation (including specific paragraphs), accounting standards (including specific paragraphs), citing relevant academic and practitioner articles. Your assignment must be typed using 12 font, 1.5 line spacing and 2 cm margins on all sides, with a maximum length of 1,500 words, (excluding social media post used, in-text references and bibliography). State the word count at the beginning of the assignment. All material over 1,500 words will be disregarded. Reference all material taken from other sources.
Objectives of the Assignment: The objectives of this assignment are to assist you to develop effective written communication skills which are crucial to gaining employment and ongoing career success. In the 2014 Graduate Outlook report employers were surveyed about the most important selection criteria when recruiting graduates. The table below shows that employers rate communication skills as their number one priority when recruiting graduates.
Graduate Careers Australia, 2014, Graduate Outlook 2014, Melbourne. Since 2012, the Australian Parliament legislated that all higher education providers are required to provide evidence that their graduates achieve a common national set of learning outcomes by the time they graduate. Minimum or threshold learning outcomes (TLOs) for accounting graduates were developed collaboratively across Australia in 2010 with input from the professional accounting bodies, various business practitioners and accounting academics. Five TLOs were developed for the accounting discipline of which the communication standard is relevant for this assignment. Bachelor graduates in Accounting will be able to ?Justify and communicate accounting advice and ideas in straightforward collaborative contexts involving both accountants and non – accountants.? Please keep this TLO in mind when preparing your assignment as this is the basic benchmark against which your assignment submission will be assessed. The main objective of this assignment, therefore, is to assist you to develop and practice a level of written communications that meets this TLO. Submission of assignments This written assignment will be submitted through Turnitin and you are required to submit by noon (12pm) on Monday 3 October. Prior to submission make sure you use tools like spelling and grammar checkers in WORD before submitting your assignment.
In the header of your assignment include the following information: Student Name, Student Number. Your assignment must be saved using your student number and name as the file name. Late assignments receive a penalty of 5% of potential mark per day or part thereof for the first seven days after which the assignment is not accepted. Each 24-hour block is recorded from the time the assignment is due. After submitting your assignment use Turnitin to generate your assignment receipt. Marking criteria and weighting The mark allocation for your assignment is as follows: i. Question 1 (25%); ii. Question 2 (25%); iii. Question 3 (25%); and iv. The quality of written communication (25%). Quality of written communication will be assessed using the following criteria: i. Report presentation including format and referencing; ii. Quality of written communication; and iii. Use of market or business based research references and academic references.

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