Finding Meaning Joy and Happiness

Finding Meaning, Joy, and Happiness (FMJH) Project Instructions
See course calendar for respective due dates

The focus of this project is to expose students to research-based strategies that have been shown to improve health and overall well-being. This project will be comprised of Three parts: 1. FMJH Logs Part One, 2.FMJH Logs Part Two, AND 3. The FMJH paper. It is imperative that students complete all of the logs (parts one and two) BEFORE beginning the paper portion of the project. Both the logs and written paper will be submitted via eLearning, in the appropriate drop-box. Below is a breakdown of BOTH parts:

• FMJH Logs Parts 1 & 2 (150 Points; 75 points each set)
1) Go to E-Learning and download the documents that are entitled “FMJH Logs Part One” & “FMJH Logs Part Two,” to your computer. Save the logs to your computer so that you can type your responses at a later time.
2) Complete each activity of the FMJH Project and record your responses in the logs. Pay close attention to the individual descriptions for each activity.
3) Be sure to allow for enough time to complete these logs, as many of them require multiple-day observations over a period of several weeks.
4) Reflect on your experiences as you complete the logs; think critically about the activities and consider what you learn about yourself during the process.

• FMJH Project Paper (100 Points)
1) Papers must be a minimum of three (3) full pages and a maximum of five (5) full pages, typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and submitted in the appropriate drop-box in eLearning.
3) Within this paper, be certain to offer several examples from your own life and address the following four domains:

** Discuss at least two activities from the logs that you found most interesting or helpful, and explain why. We are looking for you to elaborate on your experiences and give details from your own life that support your statements.
** Discuss what activities were most difficult, and why. Again, be sure to elaborate with examples from your experiences and your own life.
** How might the incorporation of some of these activities and strategies benefit you as a student, an employee, and in your relationships with others? Elaborate on all of these areas!
** Discuss a specific log within the project that you feel needs improvement within your own life, why you would like to change this particular area in your life, and discuss the steps that you will take in making these changes.

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