Fixing a critical thinking essay

Fixing a critical thinking essay
1 fragments – incomplete sentences, grammar errors – like agreement and tense.
2 introductions should introduce the topic and set the order for things to come
3 thesis statement should include the topic and your argument. Needing the thesis is more specific.
4 adding one sources which are not WIKIPEDIA or WEBSTER’s.

Disadvantages of social networking

Social networking has affected our life significantly in many positive and negative ways. But the disadvantages of social networking are more than the advantages. The
most affected part of society due to social networking is youth because they used all the new technologies related to social networking. The rate of usage for the
social networking sites is very high among the children and the youngsters. The increasing use of social networking sites is leaving negative effects on the youth in
many ways. Here in this easy all the disadvantages of social networking are discussed in detail.
The first biggest disadvantage of social networking sites is found on the health of the youth. The youngsters are getting lazy and they are facing many health related
problems in early age. Such as the disease of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems (Vandewater). According to research the youth is spending more than seven
hour on the social networking sites which is resulting in poor health conditions. The school and colleges students are more attracted towards these sites. Furthermore
the people are facing sleep disorders and insomnia due to increased use of social networking sites. It is also found that some of the children and young adults have
issue of migraine due to increase use of social sites (Wilson). This has also been observed that due to increase used of mobile and computers the eyesight issues are
also increasing among the youth.When it comes to the effects of behavior change among the youth then the social media websites have effected such students
significantly. People of age 12 to 15 are facing mood swing due to increased use of social media. Some of the youngsters are addicted to the use of social media.
Research shows that there are many children whichshowing violent behaviors because on the social networking cites there is no restriction on the content sharing. The
websites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and twitter are most common and widely used social networking sites used by the youth. On these sites there is such content
available which is not good for the youth and children this includes violent videos, porn and romantic videos (Berman). So, when such material is not provided to these
people they show violent or distress behavior.
The social networking cites are also leaving poor effects on the studies of youth. Now students give more of their time to these networking sites, and the exciting
features of these sites are distracting the students from the studies. There are many students who are habitual users of social networking sites in the class room.
Which is a big distraction for the students and reflects in the academic performance. The social networking sites have created a big communication gap in the new
generation. Now people only live life on these sites they have lost the importance of real time face to face communication (Pempek).
Furthermore, the youth is using many abbreviations and wrong spellings on these social sites which is making problem which they communicate officially and
professionally the same mistakes are seen. Furthermore the research has shown that due to increase use of social networking sites there rate of exposure to crime is
increasing among the youth. The study conducted in the USA states that students who sues social networking sites have more criminal ideas to tease their fellow
students and to create the violence in the class room (Berman). This is because the teenager especially the boys like to watch fighting movies and games on these
social networking sites. So the same acts reflects in their actions and behaviors.
To overcome these issues there should be proper counseling in the schools and colleges for the youth so they will use these sites for the good purpose. The parents
should monitor their children and teens about the healthy use of social networking sites.
Social networking sites have many disadvantages especially on the youth. The social networking sites are increasing due to rapid technological advancement. The social
networking sites have many negative effects on the health of the youth. People who uses social networking sites for more than seven hours having negative effect on
their physical and mental health. There is no doubt that social networking sites are useful tools for the organizations to stay in touch with their customers, but
excess use of everything is bad for the health. These websites are causing to negative behavior among the youth and leading them towards criminal activities.

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