Flint Water Crisis in Michigan


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For this Case Study assignment you will need do the following:
Research the Flint Water Crisis in Michigan
Describe the background and the problem. Who are the parties at fault and why?
Use your leadership knowledge to explore all possible solutions and choose the best.

The report should be 4 pages double-spaced plus an MLA-formatted Works Cited page listing the articles you used in your research. A well-written report would contain the following elements:

1. Executive summary. This is a concisely written statement, less than a half a page, placed at the front of the report. It briefly summarizes the major points of the case and your solution. It should describe the major issue, the proposed solution, and the logic supporting the solution.
2. Problem statement. Present the central issue(s) or major problem(s) in the case here. Make sure the connections to the relational model of leadership are clear.
3. Alternatives. Discuss all relevant alternatives. Briefly present the major arguments for and against each alternative. Be sure to state your assumptions and the impact of constraints on each alternative.
4. Conclusion. Present the analysis and the logic that led you to select a particular solution. Also discuss the reasons you rejected the other alternatives.
5. Implementation. Outline a plan of action that will lead to effective implementation of the decision so that the reader can see not only why you chose a particular alternative but also how it will work.

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