Food Truck (Observation Study) Research Proposal 4 pages MLA style including citation

Food Truck (Observation Study) Research Proposal 4 pages MLA style including citation
You will do research proposal on how to set up food truck selling Middle Eastern food in Indianapolis, Indiana. you will write a porposal research for that business,
using the guidelines that I have attached in the bottom

Food Truck

Instructions for Research Proposal.
1. Minimum total pages: 4-5 pages + Find at least 3 citations and insert into your paper.
2. Sections of the Research Proposal
a. Problem Statement/Literature Search. The problem statement gives the reader an overview of the proposal. It states the management dilemma and how the
research will address it. This section serves the same purpose as the Executive Summary in a business plan, an overview of the project. In the MindWriter example
(Page 118), the researchers describe the service and repair program, CompleteCare, in the first paragraph and then state the management dilemma in the second and third
paragraphs (poor service; customer complaints). The fourth paragraph describes what the management hopes to accomplish.¾-1page
b. Research Objectives. The research objectives section connects the management dilemma to the research goal. How will research help solve the dilemma? In
MindWriter, the research demonstrates a connection to 1) Customer satisfaction, i.e. the complaints and 2) the poor service problem.1/2 page
c. Importance/Benefits. This section seeks to justify the time and expense necessary to do the research by giving positive outcomes expected from the research.
Citations to authoritative sources would be helpful here. The Mindwriter crew points out how improving customer satisfaction can lead to higher profits for a longer
period of time. You will explain how your research will help your new business. You may supplement your writing with citations to authoritative website articles. 1/2
d. Research Design. This is the main section of the Proposal. It describes the your group’s data collection. You should describe how you collected your data
and what the purpose was in your questions. The MindWriter researchers describe their questionnaire and how it will be administered.3/4 -1 page
e. Data Analysis. Summarize the data you obtained in your pilot test. Give the results and comment on them. What did your research show?3/4 -1 page
f. Results: Deliverables. This is a brief section describing the final package that will be delivered to the proposal’s customer
g. Bibliography. Insert a Bibliography with the Reference tab in Microsoft Word.

3. You do not have to write a proposed Budget section.

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