Utilizing the information presented in the chapter (2), Describe a typical vovage from the enslaved point of view on a slave ship from Africa to the new world.

Read “The Interesting Narrative of the life of Oladuah Equiano, or Gustavo Vassa, the African” (Chapter 2 42-61) What does this document illustrate about life in the

West Africa? How does it show the slave trade’s destabizing effect on African society and family.

Read “The Second Voyage of John Hawkins, 1564-1565” (85-93) and “The Middle Passage and Personality Change among Diaspora Africans” (96-107). Using both explain the

conditions on the ships. Did Africans resist their condition? How does the author Uya describe the slave ship vs. the plantation? What is the motive behind slave

uprisings? What tactics were used to quell rebellion?

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