Freelance Systems Designer

Freelance Systems Designer

Week 4:

Discussion 1:

Systems Modeling

Suppose you are starting on a project for an organization that has never used any modeling techniques or tools in designing a system. Your manager is reluctant to
change from the way they have always done things. Write a memo on why systems modeling is worth the time and resources involved.


The Value of Information

It has been said that information is power and that the separation between economically well-off nations, individuals, companies, and the like and those that are not
(economically well-off) is the use and control of information. What is the value of information? How does it affect the viability and competitiveness of nations?
Give one specific example of a nation that has accomplished this and how it was achieved.


Freelance Systems Designer

You are currently working as a freelance systems designer and have been asked to do some of the design work for a case-tracking information system that is being
developed for a local law firm that specializes in civil cases. The business objective is to implement a system that tracks a civil case from the time that the law
firm begins working on the lawsuit through its final adjudication.

Examine the system from the object-oriented analysis perspective you explored in Chapter 10. Consider some of the main objects and classes you would expect to find in
a law firm that specializes in civil filings and respond to the following:

Describe each of these classes, including their name and attributes using Figure 10-2 as an example.
Describe any generalization/specialization relationships, using Figure 10-4 as an example.
Identify the object/class associations, and create an object/class association table, using Figure 10-5 as an example. Make sure to include the multiplicity for each
Identify the aggregation relationships, and prepare an aggregation relationship table, using Figure 10-6 as an example.

Submit your three to five page paper (not including title and reference pages) formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
You must cite at least two scholarly sources in addition to the textbook.

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