From African American Slavery to Civil Rights in Texas

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Research Paper Instructions

1. 2500-3500 words length (10-12 pages double spaced)
2. 12 pt. font; suggested fonts: Times New Roman, Tahoma, Arial
3. Minimum of five sources. (see more on sources below)
4. Paper?s general topic, prospective title, and a brief bibliography due in advance.
5. Papers must include notes?either footnotes or endnotes (see more on citation below)
6. All papers will be subject to plagiarism check via

1. All papers must have at least five sources.
2. One source should be a major historiographical work on your topic. (Most such works will be published by a university press.)
3. At least one source (possibly more) should be from an academic journal.
4. At least one source should be a primary source?primary sources include: Biographies, newspapers, historical documents, oral histories. (You may use documents from Major Problems in Texas History)
5. Students should not use any works from the popular, non-academic press. (No novels, no magazines, no books published by non-academic presses?without instructor approval.)
6. Students are encouraged, if they choose to do so, to use more sources including archival papers or oral histories/interviews with approval of the instructor.

1. You may use either footnotes or endnotes?but your paper must cite your sources.
2. To do this in Microsoft Word, after you have completed the sentence or passage to be cited, click ?References? on the top task bar, and then click ?Insert Footnote? or ?Insert Endnote.?
3. See the Research Paper Guide for the formats of common citations.

1. Paper?s general topic, prospective title, and a brief bibliography are due approximately one month in advance.
2. Students are to choose Texas history topics of interest to them.
3. Since the state-mandated Student Learning Objectives of this course include social responsibility, intercultural competence, and global communities, students are strongly encouraged to choose topics related to Texas? African American, Tejano/Mexican American, Native American, women and other minority communities as well as civil rights.
If you have any questions about any of this, please let me know via email. Thanks.

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