Functions of business intelligence

Business Intelligence
Three core functions of Business Intelligence (BI) are query, reporting, and analytics. Queries are one way to access a particular view of the data or to analyze what is happening or has happened. For operational BI, data is typically accessed or distributed via reports. Data mining and predictive analytic tools are used to find relationships that are hidden or not obvious, or to predict what is going to happen. For instance, data mining can identify correlations, such as which factors–a prospect’s income, education, age, last purchase amount, and so forth–were most closely related to a successful response in a marketing campaign.

Some data mining, predictive analytics and other analytical tools can be used directly by users, but some are too complex for them to understand and use. Knowing how to interpret and act on the results of queries, reports, or analytics depends on human expertise.

• Discuss Business Intelligence (BI) flaws that contribute to BI failure.

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