fundmetal managment

fundmetal managment

this assignment. Please read and review the following article and react with comments and observations with at least three points from our class. The article is as follows: Hiltzig, M. (2017, April 11). At United Airlines and Wells Fargo, toxic corporate culture starts with the CEO. Retrieved April 17, 2017, from and i have research paper one page about adidas company, the instruction with file in attachment .

File #1

l. Organizational Culture and Ethical Values

1. Describe the culture of your organization in terms of its key
values, assumptions and beliefs. Illustrate the organizational culture
but describing some of the organizational symbols. stories,
language, rituals and ceremonies.

2. How would you classify the culture“? Is a weak or a strong
culture? Are there clear subcultures within the organization? Does
it/could it have the type of culture needed for a learning

3. Does the organization have a formal or informal code of ethics?
Describe the major feature of its ethical code. Does it have any
structural means of supporting ethics (ombudsperson. ethics officer,
disclosure mechanisms, ethics hotline, and ethics training)?

4. What is the source of its ethical practices (e.g. law. value-based
leadership, and personal ethics of employees. cultural,
professional/industry)? Would it pass a social audit? Has the
organization encountered any major issues with regard to ethics or is
it at risk in this area?

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