Gender in American History

Gender in American History
Read the section “The Critical Period” in the chapter “Early National Period”( and the chapters “Pre-Civil War Era”( and “The Progressive Era,” (
Choose at least one primary source from the previous weeks, and choose one primary source from this week. (The item from previous weeks can be one that you have already used, and the items for this week can be found below.)
Find at least one additional source from the Web not listed on the syllabus or Weekly Activities.
Write your main argument (one sentence) at the top of your draft document.
Write 300-400 words connecting your argument, your primary sources, your screencast needs to build on this material in order to show how your interpretation of gender in American culture has developed over time.) This essay will serve as the 1st draft of your script for your screencast
Previous Primary Sources

Ann Bradstreet’s Poetry
Midwife Martha Ballard’s Diary (search for a theme such as cooking, sewing, or husband)
The First American Cookbook: (Click “view page images” to see the actual cookbook).
Image of South Carolina Slave community
Image of Slave labor in Virginia
this week’s Primary Sources

Godey’s The Lady’s Book, 1836
“The Wife’s Victory” by Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth
Emma Goldman on Love and Marriage:
Mary Boykin Chestnut on the Plantation Household:
Harriet Jacobs, “The Jealous Mistress.” Excerpt from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.
Catharine Beecher. “The Peculiar Responsibilities of American Women.” Excerpt from Treatise on Domestic Economy.

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