Gender in theater

Plot You are to do a deep textual analysis of one of the plays we have read ( Macbeth, Witches of Edmenton) through the lens of gender. Think carefully about the specifics of this” are you examining the universal fears associated with gender or historically determined cultural anxieties? As always, make sure that you are actually making an argument. Your thesis statement should issue a claim regarding what exactly this play says about gender, or how ideas of gender drive the text. assignment requirements include: (Witches of edmenton): (Macbeth): Additional assignment requirements include: * Paper should include name, date, and a creative title that summarizes the ideas / themes of your essay. * Essay must be 6 – 10 pages. ( Essay must cite at least 3 scholarly sources. * Paper should include an annotated bibliography (MLA format). Annotations should be between 50 – 100 words, each. Popular magazines and newspapers (The New York Times, National Geographic, etc.) can be used as secondary sources only after youve listed the initial 3 required.

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