geology project

geology project
You will be doing a project of your choice relating to geology. You may choose a topic related to your major, something you like to do (a hobby), a favorite place you have visited (or would like to visit), etc. Examples of project ideas include the following:

If you are a history major, you can pick a major historical event and examine how geology may have played a role.

Business major- research the economics of a specific geologic resource.

Art major- the geology of natural pigments (paints), clays (pottery), the geology of a favorite landscape picture (photography).

Film major- pick a favorite film featuring landscapes- geology of those landscapes.

Criminal justice- use of forensic geology in criminal cases (an example).

Music- write a geology based songs/video.

Favorite vacation- the geology of the location.

Favorite country visited (or where you want to visit)- geology of the country.

Computer gaming- does your favorite game feature dramatic cgi landscapes. How might geology have created the landscape featured in the game?

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