Question 4. . From database and point data analyses lectures and labs, we conducted the spatial analyses of car accidents by doing data conversion, geocoding, database query, and point data analysis. Imagine this is a project for a local police department on the spatial pattern(s) of car accidents.

For this question, you need to write a report with at least TWO pages to summarize your work to discuss the spatial patterns of car accidents. The 2-page report should be single line spaced, font size 10, at most 2 figures (others can be placed in the appendices), excluding the cover page. The report should 1) briefly describe the parameters of the methods (but not to explain the methods in details), 2) describe the spatial patterns, and 3) make conclusion on the spatial patterns. Refer the first lecture slides for the steps of doing a spatial analysis project.


You can use one or several methods that you have learned in the databases and point analyses lectures and labs. Lab results and/or homework questions can be used. You can also implement new method(s).


High quality report is expected. Imagine this report will be submitted to a decision maker of traffic safety.

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