Global Governance & Neo-Liberal Globalization

It is recommended that each of the three answers be no shorter than 250 words and no longer than 500 words. Please provide a word count with each answer. (iv) Note that some attention will be paid to writing, esp. from the perspective of comprehensibility, answer ALL three questions and ALL their components. 1. (a) Briefly articulate a generic global-governance proposal that serves as response to several of the global problems covered in the course; it should be described briefly. (b) List those global problems to which this serves as a response, with one or more brief explanations for the list. (c) List those global problems to which it will not serve as a response, again with one or more brief explanations for the list. The generic global-governance proposal can be anywhere on the spectrum from a small, incremental or marginal change to radical or even utopian change. The following is the list of global problems that were covered in the course: global economic instability; the 2008 economic crisis for developing countries; threats to national economic self-determination; global poverty; global gender inequality; poverty-related crime in a global context; corruption and tax evasion; terrorism; food insecurity and industrial agriculture; global depletion of natural resources; unsustainability, human insecurity and disasters; climate change; the resource curse; civil wars; the global refugee crisis. 2. (a) Explain Varoufakis’ Global Surplus Recycling Mechanism and why he considers it important for the current global economy. (b) Distinguish between demand-side and supply-side economics. (c) Where does Varoufakis’ approach belong on this spectrum? 3. “The power of the anti-globalization movement”: (a) Briefly discuss the different conceptions (a) of “power”, (b) of “the anti-globalization movement” and (c) of “the power of the antiglobalization movement”. With respect to (c), build on your discussion of the first two terms, but you have much scope for using your own judgement. (d) Why has Guy Standing presented the “precariat” as “politically dangerous”?

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