global leadership

For this assignment, select three of the following trends in global business:


Geopolitical realignment.

Continued global violent extremism.

U.S. economic resurgence.

Post-BRICS emerging markets.

New resource slump cycle.

Accelerating global climate change.

Depopulation waves.

IT revolution 2.0.

Rise of the machines.

Evolving artificial intelligence.

Cyber insecurity.

Changing nature of power.

Automated deep learning.

Big data analytics.



Then, determine which of the following leadership theories that you have studied over the last two units would allow you, as a global leader, to effectively address each trend:


Situational leadership.

Path-goal theory.

Leader-member exchange theory.

Transformational and transactional leadership.

Authentic leadership.

Servant leadership.

Adaptive leadership.

Transcendent leadership.

Spiritual leadership.

Integrated leadership.


Search the library and the Internet to locate recent, relevant articles on the trends you selected. You will need at least three articles to use as support for your work on this assignment.


In a 3–5 page paper, for each of the three trends you select, address the following:


Explain the trend and why it is relevant to global business leaders.

Identify the leadership theory you would use to address the trend.

Analyze the application of the theory to the trend.

Explain why the theory you selected is the appropriate one to address the trend.

Provide an example of how you would use the theory to effectively address the trend.

Explain the advantages and limitations of using the theory to address the trend.


Organize your assignment logically, using headings and subheadings appropriately. Include a title page and references page, using APA guidelines for all citations and references. Be sure you support your statements using citations and references from at least three scholarly or professional resources –within 5 years.


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