Global Marketing

Global Marketing1. Come up with a brand name for your clothing line(Eyes & Heart).

2. What mixture of images and experiances do you want your brand to produce in the mind of your customer? (Be free, be yourself, be unique.) How do you plan to achieve this?

3. What brands will your brand be competing with in each of your three countries? (Singarpor, Hong Kong, New Zealand) How do you plan to compete with these brands to claim your market share and stay profitable? Come up with a PR campaign. What tools will you use in each country? Tools include media kits, interviews, press release, social media, and tours. Give a detailed description of which 3 tools you could use successfully in each country. Explain exactly what you would do and how, then what you hope to achieve with these methods.

4. Do you think your brand will benefit from the country of origin effet? In all 3 countries? If not which ones and why?

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