Globalization Rocked the Ancient World Too by Jared Diamond

From: ( ) pg 177~180Have to required these
1. 3-4 sentence summary of the essy’s purpose that integrates a brief quote

2. 3 sentence explanation of the essay’s primary audiance

3. evaluation of the effectiveness of each of the three rhetorical appeals
-Logos(2~3 sentences)
-Ethos(2~3 sentences)
-Pathos(2~3 sentences)

4. 3-4 sentence personal reaction to the author’s argument

5. one interpretative question.

Purpose The summary of purpose is clear, specific, and accurate, smoothly integrating a quote from the text with appropriate citation.

Audience The audience is identified with specificity and substantiated with evidence

Rhetorical Appeals All three rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, pathos) are evaluated with specificity.

Personal Reaction The personal reaction is thorough and relevant.

Question The interpretive question is open-ended and engages thoughtfully with the reading.

Clarity & Mechanics The writing is easy to understand and contains almost no errors interfering with comprehension.

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