Gold storage facility CCTV system

The task is to design an effective CCTV system for a fictional gold storage facility.

The facility has intrusion detection systems installed (make assumptions as necessary)
The system must be able to identify vehicle number plates and individuals.
The system must be able to detect intrusion.
A response capability must be designed for.

What this report needs is:
Statement of the overall security needs
Defining what the specific requirements are from the CCTV system
Technical specifications of the CCTV system
Technical specifications of the connector
Management of the system
Response capability

I will upload a blueprint of the facility. The blueprint has cameras already added. You can use this as it is or you can alter it if needed.
I will also upload a document explaining what the different cameras do.You can alter this as well

You don`t have be super technical with the cameras, as that is dependent on the manufacturer. We are dealing with cameras in general. You still have to specify their purpose and what kind of lens (Wide, narrow etc) and shutter they use.

Lastly i will upload CCTV operational manual which can be used as guide and reference.
Feel free to contact me if you have question.

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