Good Life Under 18s Nightclub Tour (Promotion Plan)

Topic: Good Life Under 18s Nightclub Tour (Promotion Plan)

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Make a Promotion Plan (Make it look like a report) about this event that I have Chosen which is: “Good Life Under 18s Nightclub Tour” its held in Australia.

All the objectives need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timetable.

On the Promotional Plan, You’ll need:
1. Table of Content
2. Introduction
3. Executive Summary
4. Event Property Details
5. Target Markets (BE SPECIFIC, Describe the target market)
(Research the environment your event operates in and the factors that can effect your
»Political Factors
»Environmental Factors
»Social / Demographical Factors
»Technological Factors
»Competitive Factors
-Think about promotion actions that you could employ for your event.
-Think about different promotion actions towards the 3 different target markets. )
6. Promotional Plan for Event
7. Sponsorship Benefits
8. Creative Leverage Ideas
9. Budget & Investment [Research your event’s budget (e.g., what are the ticket prices, merchandise sales, sponsorship income, expenditures / operating costs etc.). Think about promotion strategies related to your promotion objective
and that are appropriate for your target markets.]
10. SWOT Analysis
10. Appendices
11. References

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