Present your idea for how precisely you plan to carry out an original research study to answer your research question.  Remember, this is a scientific research project; you are designing an actual study from scratch, using the concepts we are studying about research methodology.  This is not a review of someone else’s research; it is your own plan for a future research project.  This assignment focuses on parts of the methodology section of your proposed project.


Based on your literature review and your research question, create a 5- to 7-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes (with citations) covering the following:

•A brief discussion of the contrast between qualitative and quantitative research.

•Review your problem statement and research question

•Proposed quantitative research methods: What kind of specific quantitative research design will you use, and why?

•Discussion of the data you will be collecting, and how you will collect it. (specific variables, specific instruments, specific procedures)

•Rationale for how this method of data collection is appropriate for your research question.

•Description of ethical considerations for your specific data collection processes.

Remember, you should base these decisions not only on textbook readings about these ideas, but also your literature review about the needs for future research on your problem.  For instance, what have other authors done that was useful in this topic?  What changes could you make to their procedures to improve the ability to address your particular research question?

Please see the attachment of the Research Study Proposal–Part I: Problem Statement. I also attached Part II

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