Group Project Policy:

Group Project Policy:The report should be around 3000 words and should be written in an academic style (abstract, Introduction, Literature, methodology, empirical analysis and results, and references list).
The following topics:
• Making use of examples and data on at least 2 contemporary MNCs, consider, first, the extent to which their business is influenced by the various models of the internationalization of business and focusing on the challenges faced by firms doing business in various countries including those of the Middle East, North Africa and others during the next decade.

The research should focus on the factors and issues likely to be faced by a “Western” firm doing business in each of the countries under study, and those to be faced by the hosting country. You might want to discuss the economic situation (recent economic history and future economic prospects, and how will affect foreign businesses); governmental, legal, and trade issues that might be a problem; infrastructure strengths or weaknesses; internal versus export prospects; domestic and international competition in the country….

Marking guidelines Project Report

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