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H.E. M3 Learning Activity Review

Learning Activity Review

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You are expected to provide a brief summary and ‘review’, in your own words, of each assigned learning activity AND a summary of an additional peer reviewed journal article, chosen by you, that relates to a topic of this module.

What is a peer reviewed journal article and where can I find one? You may find the journal articles through the ESC library. A peer review journal is one where any article being submitted that is the result of research or a theoretical proposal must go through a review process. This article is sent by the editors of the journal to 2-3 professionals (peers) with expertise in the same content area. Only if the article is considered to make a new and accurate contribution to the field will it be accepted for publication.

Not acceptable for the article review: Wikipedia, any website, any blog, someone’s opinion piece. Must be a peer-reviewed journal article, published in an academic journal which you can find via Online ESC library.

For this Learning Activity Review:

The summary and review of EACH chapter and EACH article should be around 1 substantive paragraph (at least 175 words, or at least 3/4-page long each paragraph, 12-size font, line double-spaced) – please aim for that length. The summary and review can take many forms, but it must have something of you in it. I do not want just the words from the book or article; I want to see the process of your understanding. What’s this chapter/article about? What do you think about the reading? Does it ring true for you, or do you disagree? Can you apply it to anything in your own life or experiences?

Learning Activity Review for three readings: (please write the reviews in one paper, and submit just 1 assignment)

Chapter 7* (LEARNING DISABILITIES) in Human Exceptionality: School, Community and Family
Chapter 8* (EMOTIONAL/ BEHAVIOR DISORDERS) in Human Exceptionality: School, Community and Family
Chapter 11* AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER in Human Exceptionality: School, Community and Family
DVD, Refrigerator Mothers
Peer reviewed journal article of your choice related to this module.
*Please note that these chapters and chapter titles correspond with the Edition 12 of Human Exceptionality book, IF you have an earlier edition, the chapter number may not be the same, but you should be able to find the chapter title. Make sure the chapter title is correct, or the assignment will be returned to you for a revision.

Due date: Please check Course Schedule. All assignments posted after the due date are subjected to a late penalty.

Please note:

The discussion posts in the Forums cannot be used in your Learning Activity Review assignment (no cut and paste) because credit (points) cannot be given twice (or more), and vice versa. In other words, no double dipping. You could cite a small part of the post, if you need to, in your LAR, but for the purpose of your LAR assignment, this discussion must be expanded to include critical analysis of what it means, what you thought of after the discussion with others, in order to add to the topic.

Please cite all your resources. If you use verbatim statements, these should not represent more than 20% of your post – in other words, I need to see YOUR own writing and understanding of the topic as well.

Do not plagiarize!

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