Has the rise of social networks lead to a rise in cybercrime?

Has the rise of social networks lead to a rise in cybercrime?
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Research design ) The essay should detail the path you took to creating the research design discussed and presented in class. You should cover all areas discussed, from the formulation of the research question to the expected results and how they would be presented. The essay should outline these structures, and detail each stage of the research design in a critical manner and using the appropriate literature.

A research proposal with something to do with the rise of social media and cybercrime. The main hypothesis should be that they are positively correlated. Also a secondary hypothesis alluding to maybe a link between the age of a perpetrator and the rise/fall in cybercrime. The first one is the main hypothesis though.

I will attach the marking schema and a sample essay. Please could the headings that you use mirror those used in the sample essay and also word proportion over all the headings. Please read carefully through the sample essay and follow a similar path in terms of how methologies and data collection techinques were explained etc.

I want there to be some comparisons within a few countries to show that it happens across rich and poor countries for example UK and USA for rich, Bangladesh Nigeria Kenya for example in poor countries
Make reference to the law in introduction. there is some useful stuff regarding british law here https://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201415/ldselect/ldcomuni/37/3704.htm
useful link: https://www.iacpsocialmedia.org/Portals/1/documents/External/NW3CArticle.pdf
Please use more than one social networking application (Twitter and Facebook are mandatory)
Please use as many references as you can from a variety of different media and use APA referencing

The research proposal should be 4675 words approx

You may get some ideas from the below link espeially regarding data collection techniques:

threat reports are also good sources of information on stats
googling facebook crime statistics and twitter crime statistics brings back some good stuff too. there is so much good stuff out there

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