Health and Safety within High Risk Industries

Health and Safety within High Risk Industries


The module aims to enhance the skills of inspection, testing and evaluation in respect of

the physical and traumatic dangers presented by the nature and use of premises, plant,

equipment and commonly occurring processes, together with the skills to promote
remedial and proactive risk management improvement strategies in high risk

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module the successful student will be able to:

1. Exhibit critical insight into the principles of reliability engineering in particular the
causes and prevention of material and plant failure. Judge and critically evaluate the
strategic management principles behind the selection and commissioning of plant and
equipment through recognition of product safety standards.

2. Critically analyse the relationship between plant and equipment design and protection.
Appraise the risks arising from the physical and organisational aspects of the
workplace and construct solutions to resolve these risks to an acceptable level.

3. Critically evaluate and appraise the risk arising from material movement and storage,
providing justification for options available for prevention or control of such risks.

4. Critically appraise the nature of electricity and critically analyse electrical hazards,
justifying the safe use and maintenance of electrical equipment when applicable.
Critically evaluate the risk arising from fire and explosions and critically analyse the
provisions and controls applicable to fire safety and precautions.

5. Argue the case for safe working practices associated with construction and demolition
work and appraise the strategies available to manage such activities.


Introduction to the principles and features of engineering controls – selection,
commissioning, maintenance and control. Interpretation and assessment of product
safety standards. Assessment of machinery, plant and general work equipment risk.

Management of risks arising from the physical and organisational aspects of specific
high risk industries, including process industries, construction and demolition, nuclear
power, manufacturing. Safe use of work equipment and integration with personnel

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