Health Informatics

With the changes in healthcare reform, we often forget about how human behavior can influence
health informatics in a medical organization.
Review the information in the scenario below, and answer the questions that follow.
A good friend of yours is director of nursing at a 220-bed community hospital. Last year the hospital
merged with a much larger medical center. One of the upsides, as well as
One of the challenges, resulting from this change has been the rapid introduction of new computer
systems. The goal is to bring the hospital ?up to speed? within 3 years.
At present CPOE is being implemented. The general medical and surgical units went live last month.
The ICU and pediatrics and obstetrics units are scheduled to go-live next month. The plan is to work
out any kinks or problems on the general units and then go-live in the specialty units.
Most of the physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants initially complained but are now
becoming more comfortable with the computers and are beginning to integrate the CPOE process
into their daily routines. Several physicians are now requesting the ability to enter orders from their
offices and others are looking into this option.
However, there are three physicians who have not commented during this process but are clearly
resisting. For example, after performing rounds and returning to their offices they called the unit with
verbal orders. After being counseled on this behavior they began to write the orders on scraps of
paper and put these in the patient?s charts or leave them at the nurses? station. When they were
informed that these were not ?legal orders? they began smuggling in order sheets from the nonactivated
units. In addition, they have been coercing the staff nurses on the units to enter the orders
for them. This has taken two forms. Sometimes they sign and then ask the nurses to enter the
orders. Other times they ask the nurses to put the orders in verbally and then they confirm the
orders. The nurses feel caught between the hospital?s goals and the need to maintain a good
working relationship with these physicians.
? How would you use the theories presented in Chapter 2 in order to diagnosis the problems
demonstrated in this case. List your diagnoses and explain your analysis.
? What actions would you recommend to your friend and what reason (theories) would you use
as a basis for your recommendations?
? In your response, also discuss how the history and development of health informatics
influenced your analysis and recommendations.
? Your paper must be 3?4 pages in length
? Cite sources as needed, using current APA format guidelines

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