Heart of Aztlan by Rudolf Anaya

Heart of Aztlan by Rudolf Anaya
Order Description
Please respond to the topic written below in 5 page (typed) essay. Your essay must be composed in formal essay fashion, containing:
– a formal introduction,
– an analytical thesis located at the end of the introduction,
– a developed body of three supporting points that relate back and support your thesis,
– topic sentences that relate directly back to the thesis
– transitions that connect your supporting points,
– original analysis/insight that examines your thesis,
– research that explains, clarifies, and supports the thesis/analysis,
– references to the text, proper documentation/MLA format
– a functional conclusion,
– a Works Cited page (this page is in addition to the required 5 pages.

Please analyze the socio-political nature of this text. What message(s) is Rudolfo Anaya sending to his audience? How and why are the messages political? What might be Anaya’s purpose in writing this type of novel? Which characters and aspects of the plot convey Anaya’s socio-political message(s)? Do not just answer these questions in the order that they are written. These questions are to help you to develop your analysis. You will develop a specific argument that will cover responses to these questions throughout your essay. In addition, you must support your response with specific quoted passages from the text and from your research. You need to research the life of Rudolfo Anaya and the time period in which Anaya wrote this text (1970s). You do not have to cover every socio-political argument that Anaya makes in this text and do not write a 5 page “laundry list” of arguments. You must focus this broad topic with a specific argument and support it with three supporting points that give a thorough analysis.

Presentation Format:
– length: 5 full pages (6 pages including Works Cited page.)
– double spaced
– font size: 12
– margins: one inch (1”) from top, bottom, and sides
– numbered pages
– proper heading
– title

Notes to the writer:
– Please really read the book and cited two quotes from the book, and two outside sources like online research. Thank you!
– As I’m a ESL student so may use simple words to make the essay to read but no grammar usage mistake. Thank you!
– Please read and follow the professor requirements of this essay as I listed above under “Topic”. Thank you!

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