Hebrew Exegesis Paper

Exegesis Paper:
Exegesis of Numbers 22:10-20 A draft of the paper will also be submitted 2 weeks before the final version. The exegesis assignment includes 5 main parts:

-Hebrew Manuscript: This is your chicken scratch demonstrating that you went through the work of translating directly from the Hebrew yourself

-English translation: This is a one page typed English translation distilling your work from the manuscript into an easy-to-read, grammatically correct translation of the passage.

-Exegesis Paper: Your paper will follow the format laid out in the Gorman text and will be no more than10-12 pages.

Choose one of the following:

Provide a one-page outline of an adult education offering (e.g. Sunday School or small group) which focuses on your text. Describe how you will incorporate the learnings from your exegetical work.

A parishioner/co-worker/neighbor asks you to help him/her understand the verse(s) you have just investigated for this paper. This person wants to know specifically what relationship there is between the words on the page and real life: at the time of the passage, and right now in the questioner’s own context. What will you say to him/her?

Book- Gorman, Michael J., Elements of Biblical Exegesis: A Basic Guide for Students and Ministers. Baker Academic:

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