Prepare one of the following questions and then write a 3 page answer. I want you to use class material/readings etc, rather than other sources. Be sure to cite sources. You need to read, digest and then write this material in your own words.

A. Answer 1 (one) of the following essay questions. Write your responses using full sentences and drawing upon readings, class discussions, guest lectures, and films, where appropriate. Suggested length 3 pages (single spaced).

1.Explore “Hinduism” from its earliest historical emergence through its major historical developments up to the modern period.


2Explore “Hinduism” by examing its major paths to the sacred, collectively called a “trimarga”. Give examples of each.


3.Explore why “Hinduism” is so difficult (some say impossible) to define along the lines of other major world religions. Discuss all the reasons you can think of that make the construct of “Hinduism” a problematic one.

— Very Short Introduction to Hinduism by Kim Knott
— Darsan by Diana Eck
— The Bhagavad Gita by Barbara Stoler-Miller

Please be careful do not use any other sources than I give it to you. Please write it by your own words and your own opinion. Do not cite too much.

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