Read Chapter 2  Ancient India

Part 1

Essay questions (paragraph answers)  2 points each (1.5 to two pages)

1.  Most people in the U.S. see themselves as individuals who are free to identify with many different groups. People in ancient India identified themselves as members of a family or a class. How would your life be different today if you lived in the Indian system of social stratification?

2.  Hinduism is still the dominant religion in India. What are its principle beliefs? How is Hinduism similar and different from the Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions as you understand them?

3.  Buddhism is the second great religion that originated in India. How does Buddhism differ from Hinduism? What principles of Buddhdism make it attractive to a broad segment of the population? Briefly discuss how Buddhism explains the nature of death.

part 2

1 to 1.5 pages

Now that you read about the differences in people’s outlook between ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, note how weather and geography can affect the course of history. What do you believe is the attitude toward life for people living in the Caribbean or parts of Mexico? Are they more like the Egyptians or Mesopotamians? Would they take life more seriously, be more care-free, always live with uncertainty? How would you want to live your life if you lived in these areas?

Put yourself in their position and write an essay that discusses these questions

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