Topic: Jefferson Davis, Addressto the Provisional Congress and the Confederate States of America and the Cornerstone Speech

Title: Why We Should Study History

Due Date: On or before 8:00 am, Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Purpose: Students often do not see the necessity of studying history. By doing research on the thoughts of those who do believe history is important it is hoped students acquire a new perspective on the discipline.

Instructions: Students are to write a 4 – 5 paragraph essay on the theme “Why we should study history.” Students must use two valid sources in writing their papers (no encyclopedias or generic.com sites – including history.com). Each source must have an author and must come from a credible publication. A work cited page properly citing the sources used must be attached.

Format: This assignment will be written in essay format.
Note: Follow the Format for Writing Assignments when doing any written work. Do not be brief and/or vague. Do not write statements without explanations.
Note: My definition of a paragraph is 5 – 7 complete sentences.
Rubric: An essay that addresses the theme of the assignment, adheres to the Format for Writing Assignments is of the assigned length, utilizes a minimum of two sources and has an attached work cited page properly listing the sources used will receive a grade of 100. Partial credit may be awarded for papers that show thought and effort but does not achieve the criteria for a grade of 100.
Minimum requirements: papers that are less than 4 paragraphs in length (see note on paragraph length) or does not address the theme of the assignment or does not use a minimum of two sources or does not have a separate work cited page properly citing a minimum of two sources will be given a grade of 0.
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