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Topic: O Day Normandy Invasion world war two

Please follow this directions carefully, if Direction not follow I wont need the paper and will ask for full mount of my money back.

This essay is based on INTERPRATION. Although you will introduce your topic with facts from your sources, A MINUMUM OF TWO PAGES MUST BE DEDICATED TO YOUR ANALYSIS, interpration, and opinion regarding the issue. This will be the crucial part of the paper of which my GRADE will be primarily constructed.

The popularity of online sources will be allowed in this paper, but if you are using online Encyclopedic sources must also consult the ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA. in addition, AT LEAST ONE INDEPENDENT BOOK(E-BOOKARE ACCEPTABLE) MUST ALSO BEUSED AS A SOURCE. TRY TO EXPAND RESEARCH WITH OTHER SOURCES SUCH AS BOOKSAND MAGAGINE ARTICLES.

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